In most cases users check out the features they're going to get with a given shared web hosting plan and forget something just as essential - the service uptime. As efficient as a plan may be, frequent downtimes may lead to lower search engine rank and lost potential customers regardless of what the reason behind them could be. After all, really a few people would come back to an Internet site that's not available 1 / 2 of the time, not mentioning the misused money when you have invested in a marketing campaign. For this reason, when you acquire a new web hosting plan, you should make sure that the service shall be stable and your websites will be online all the time. This means more traffic, or in case you have an online store, for example, better uptime usually means happier customers.
Service Uptime Guarantee in Shared Web Hosting
We guarantee 99.9% network uptime for each and every shared web hosting account on our servers. We take advantage of a high-tech cloud hosting platform in which every part of the hosting service is managed by a separate group of web servers, so if one machine fails, the other ones in the cluster will take over right away. The cloud platform also decreases the overall load tremendously, therefore the hosting service is a lot more stable in comparison with a service where everything runs on just a single machine and your Internet sites are going to perform in the best possible way. We furthermore have redundant Internet lines and diesel backup generators to ensure that your internet sites will stay online no matter what. Hardware and software firewalls ensure the adequate operation of our machines in case of DDoS attacks whereas in the case of any software issue, we have admins checking the machines 24/7.
Service Uptime Guarantee in Semi-dedicated Servers
We guarantee 99.9% uptime for each semi-dedicated server package purchased through our company. You can forget all about about your web site being inaccessible for some reason because we use a top-notch cloud hosting platform with a custom-built load balancing system. As opposed to running everything on just a single web server and risking one service to take everything down, we've distributed the various services among their own groups of servers. To put it differently, your databases, files, e-mails, stats, and so on, are addressed by independent clusters, therefore the failure of one machine will have no impact on the overall service or on your Internet websites. Multiple backbone Internet providers and diesel backup generators ensure that infrastructural problems won't affect your web sites either. We also have hardware and software firewalls as well as a skilled team of admins to check the incoming & outgoing traffic and to respond to each software issue 24/7.
Service Uptime Guarantee in VPS Servers
The network uptime will never be a worry when you get a VPS server from us. The physical server where your account is created is going to be working at least 99.9% of the time and this includes maintenance procedures, so that you will be able to enjoy a quick and very dependable Internet hosting service all of the time. To prevent any chance of service disturbances, our data centers use a number of Internet providers and powerful diesel generators to make sure that nothing will affect the good operation of your websites. We have a team of skilled admins which will resolve promptly any software problems that might appear, while hardware issues are avoided through the use of new and diligently tested web server parts and hard drives working in RAID. In case of DDoS attacks, we have software and hardware firewalls to filter the unwanted traffic to your server.
Service Uptime Guarantee in Dedicated Servers
If you acquire a dedicated server through us, we guarantee that it'll be working a minimum of 99.9% of the time. For a start, your server will be built with new and extensively tested hardware components and we will not do any compromises about this. Our data center in the center of Chicago has powerful diesel backup generators, so even in the case of an electrical outage your server will still be functional and with a number of redundant Internet providers, your Internet sites are going to be accessible if there is any online connectivity problem. In case there is any unexpected conditions, we've got trained sysadmins that keep an eye on all web servers all the time and they can take action immediately to eliminate the problem in a very timely manner. Last in sequence, but not last in importance, our web servers have software and hardware firewalls to stop the excess traffic when it comes to a DDoS attack.